Friday, June 19, 2009

Oaklandish at Uptown Unveiled

Hundreds of people came out to the "Uptown Unveiled" event on Thursday, June 18th. Telegraph was closed from 16th St. to West Grand, and musicians, artists, and vendors lined the Street. The event was planned to celebrate Oakland's arts and entertainment district.

K-Dub, a 2009 Oakland Innovators award winner, was representing with Hood Games at the "Uptown Throwdown" skateboard contest.

There was also a fashion show at Uptown Unveiled that featured some of the fresh apparel of Oaklandish.

And here's the Kev Choice Ensemble, the head-liner, playing their amazing music while sporting the Oaklandish black and gold pigeon T-shirt.

Stay tuned for more fun street festivals and free e
vents in Oakland...

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  1. This was fun and I hope Uptown CBD and everyone here pulls together to do it again in 2010!